Using the Machinability Report

Once you've generated a Machinability Report, you can do several valuable things with it:

Modify the Part to Reduce Machining Difficulty

  1. Review the recommendations and make changes to make the part machinable (if it isn't machinable).
  2. Adjust features to require less challenging tools and faster machining process (for example, increasing internal radii, reducing the depth of holes and pockets, or adding clearance around features).
  3. Move features to reduce the number of setups needed to manufacture the part.

Review & Share the Report

  1. Use the Machinability Report in your design reviews as a basis for assessing the cost-effective manufacture of each component.
  2. Share the report with your machine shop as an aid to help them in estimating and planning, and to demonstrate that you've considered the challenges and brought them a well-designed, manufacturable component.

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